Dr. Corina Collins


Dr. Collins graduated from Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine after receiving her bachelor's degree in Animal science from Tuskegee University in 2012 where she honed her skills in small animal private practice.  She enjoys community outreach and is excited to be practicing here in the West End.  She is eager to uphold the practice's mission to provide quality and compassionate animal health care.  Some of her special interest include: soft-tissue surgery and preventative care.  Dr. Collins also has a developing interest in integrative veterinary medicine.  Dr. Collins also enjoys running, servicing her community and relaxing with her 8-year old Bichon Frise "Precious" and her rescue kitty "Seven Jr."


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Stephanie Macz

Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie has a passion for helping animals.  She enjoys the outdoors and exploring new places.  Stephanie volunteered in animal shelters and will continue to always help our furry friends.  Stephanie has an 8 year old chow mix who she deems her best friend.  Stephanie has plans to be a registered Veterinary technician in the near future.

Our Team

West End Animal Wellness Center is privileged to be able to depend on the strengths and specialized knowledge of our compassionate veterinary team.

You will never be left in the dark regarding the health of your pet. Our team always provides education regarding possible treatments and lifestyle changes in order to allow you to make informed decisions regarding the care of your pets.

Tiffany Pate

Veterinary Assistant

Tiffany, a graduate of Florida State University is originally from the Bronx.  Tiffany graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology.  She loves working with people as well as animals.  Tiffany plans to go back to school and further her education into becoming a Veterinarian.  In the meantime, she is currently taking courses to become a certified Veterinary Technician.  Tiffany has two fur babies, Ahli and Bella.  With her recent move, she is excited to be here in Georgia and start working toward new and exciting things.

Tariq Raines

Veterinary Assistant

Aubrey, a graduate of Florida State University has a passion for caring for animals.  Aubrey is married and together they have 3 dogs, Flea, Oliver, and Bunkin who are all rescue dogs.  Aubrey loves traveling and she plans on making her way around the world with husband in tow one country at a time.  In her spare time, Aubrey enjoys Kayaking which she tries to incoperate into her travels.  When at home she enjoys gardening and fostering dogs for local animal rescue groups. 

Rochelle Wharton-Paige 

Hospital Manager

Rochelle grew up in Georgetown in Washington DC.  Raised by her father with the help of her many aunts, Rochelle always had a love for animals of all kinds.  Rochelle rode horses and had birds, fish, and a dog as pets.  She graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and would later attend The Art Institute of Washington and obtain a degree in culinary arts.  Rochelle has had a long standing career of more than 26 years as a Veterinary Technician and worked along side of Dr. Randall at the Village Vets of Decatur where they established a great relationship.  When Dr. Randall opened the West End Vet, Rochelle accompanied her to help open the practice.  Rochelle is married to her wonderful husband of 12 years, James Paige Jr. and has 3 dogs and 5 children.

Aubrey Bowen

Veterinary Assistant

Hannah Shumberger

Hannah moved to Georgia from Arizona to pursue a writing and Veterinary Technician career.  Hannah has three dogs and four cats.  Hannah also enjoys reading, writing, and horseback riding in her spare time.

Dr. Ashley T. Randall

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Randall graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.  She has been practicing small animal medicine for over 7 years.  Dr. Herbert has been featured on several local news shows (Fox 5 and CBS 46) as the veterinary expert on a host of topics.  She has also participated in several informative web series from ask.com on pet health care. When she's not practicing medicine, Dr. Randall enjoys watching football, running, and spending time with her daughter Emery and dog Maalox.

Tariq is a rising senior at Morehouse College majoring in Biology.  He is an avid reader and music lover and loves spending time with his dog who loves learning new tricks and commands.  During his free time, he enjoys reading personal development books about wealth, serenity, improving the quality of life, as well as animal development.  Tariq also enjoys networking and meeting new people.